Technology in Kindergarten

One of my responsibilities in my teaching role at Bessborough Elementary and Middle School is as a PREP delivery teacher for Kindergarten. My job this year is to introduce the JK/SK students to technology, and coding, once a week. We have iPads that we use with the kindergarten students and have a lot of fun working with the technology in the early years.

Here is an example of some of the work we have been doing in our Media classes.


Today we introduced Chatterkids with the JK/SK students. They used shapes and created little videos of their Chatterkids creations. Such a fun day. Can’t wait to see what they create back in the classroom now that they know how to use this app!

Box Island

Another favourite app for the Kindergarten students is Box Island. They love trying to code their way through each challenge, working their way around the island. We like to display some of the challenges on the large TV so we can help each other solve our way through the coding puzzles.

Scratch Jr

Our favourite coding app is Scratch Jr. We can build and create so many amazing projects in Scratch Jr. We have created stories, coded races, and even how to put our faces into the characters!

Kodable, Blue Bot, and Tynker are other coding apps we love to use in Kindergarten also! These students are certainly becoming savy coders!


Students introduced themselves using the FlipGrid app. Such a fantastic app to use with youngsters. Plus I love the QR Code that makes it easy to use in Kindergarten.