Augment the Learning with Google Apps for Education


This session will examine how Google Apps for Education could support a variety of teaching strategies in the classroom. This is not a “how to” session, but rather a session intended to inspire and motivate those using Google Apps for Education K-12 no matter where they are personally on their learning journey. Examples will include Inquiry Based Learning Learning, Assessment for/as/of Learning, plus a few “did you know?” tools and tricks! Examples are intended to be highly portable and transferable – something you can try tomorrow in your classrooms & schools with your students! Participants are encouraged to bring a device so they can participate more fully in the session (although this is not mandatory).

Please read Peter Anello’s Blog Post Sharing My Top #OTRK12 Takeaways highlighting his reflections on this session.

PUBLISHED Presenter: Augmenting the Teaching_OTRK12