Demo Slam Winner

Google Camp 2017

I have always been VERY nervous to do a Demo Slam. While I can present with my eyes closed, my hands start shaking and my heart starts racing as I wait to be called up to do my Slam! My good friend Sylvia Duckworth talks about pushing yourself to do what is outside of your comfort zone in order to create magic. She also wrote a great post on How to Win a Demo Slam! And so I took her advice and prepare a Demo Slam for TDSB’s Google Camp on the tool FlipGrid (a tool I love, love, love!)

I wrote my script, practiced, and got some feedback from my friends and then I stood up on that stage & delivered my Demo Slam! It went really well and I got lots of laughs so I was feeling very good. BUT, nothing could feel better than when they took a vote and announced that I was the Demo Slam Winner! (You can watch it here on Periscope)

I couldn’t wait to bring back my crown and take a photo with my students as they helped me celebrate my Demo Slam Win!