Redefining School Announcements with Video Conferencing

2017 Presenters: Tina Surdivall & Julie Millan

Session Description:

Overview: Are you interested in finding a way to make your daily announcements more interactive and engaging? Attend this session and see how students at Bessborough E. & M.S. use Google Hangouts to deliver school announcements each day. Participants will see examples of how Google Hangouts can make the school announcements participatory and interactive.

How To: In this session, we will walk through the features of Google Hangouts, review instructions for introducing student-lead announcements, and discuss tips and best practices when using Google Hangouts. Participants will then create their own Hangout, (through Google Calendar or Google Hangouts) create a link for it, and modify a Google Doc template for collecting announcement scripts and movie links that they can use at their own schools.

Prior Learning: It is recommended that participants know how to make a copy of and edit a Google Doc, and create an event in Google Calendar.

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Presenters: Tina Surdivall & Julie Millan

Tina Surdivall is a teacher librarian, grade 7 core teacher, and holds a P.O.R. for technology at Bessborough Elementary and Middle School. Her use of GAFE has redefined the way she works with students, collaborates with colleagues, and communicates with parents. She uses Google Hangouts to make the morning announcements a more interactive experience for her school.

Julie Millan is currently teaching grade 4 at Bessborough P.S. in a 1:1 ChromeBook classroom. A former Instructional Leader in the Teaching & Learning with Technology Department and a Google Innovative Educator, Julie is always looking for ways to grow her professional learning network and share and connect with other teachers in the TDSB and across Ontario. Follow her on Twitter @jsm2272

PUBISHED Presenter Slides: Redefining School Announcements with Google Hangouts