ETFO Summer Academy

August 2017

Transitioning Into A Paperless Classroom

In today’s digital age, a paperless classroom promotes a more efficient and organized classroom while preparing 21st century learners for the practical world outside the classroom. G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education) provides many ways to go paperless through sharing, collaboration, and assessment opportunities. There are a variety of Google tools (Google Classroom, Docs, Forms, Slides etc.) that allow educators to manage a paperless classroom to meet the needs of today’s diverse learners. This session will provide practical steps for transitioning into a paperless classroom for both students and teachers, instruction in various Google tools, and effective integration of the technology into the curriculum. If you are interested in integrating more digital tools into your classroom, learning the features of the G Suite of Tools from both the teacher and student perspective, and building your professional learning network, this session is for you!

PUBLISHED ETFO Summer Presentation-Julie Millan and Laura Collins